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NFTs have become one of the hottest crypto trends of 2021, More than $2 billion was spent on non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, during the first quarter of 2021 — representing an increase of about 2,100% from Q4 2020 — according to a new report  FILL OUT THE FORM>>>
to learn how you can create, purchase and sell these popular digital assets.

Past Music Projects

None of these artists are directly affiliated with BAND Royalty or Blockchain Memorabilia
beyond the ownership of the performance royalties in the BAND catalog.

Below are 4 of the artists performing songs from the music catalog.

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors – 872M views on YouTube.

Beyoncé – Rocket – 20.1M views on YouTube

Rihanna – Yeah, I Said It – 1M views on YouTube

Jane Zhang – Dust My Shoulders – 15.2M views on YouTube

Unique NFT Art Pieces

We Collaborate Together and then with your approvals we create your designs and take it to market.

About Us

Blockchain Memorabilia markets NFT and Memorabilia for celebrities, musicians and influencers in partnership with patented technologies BAND Royalty. Blockchain Memorabilia guides content creators and license holders through the entire process from NFT creation to sale. NFTs create a new world for artist, musicians, content creators and license holders to monetize their content and create potential residual income through smart contracts on the blockchain. In addition to the creation and sale of NFTs additional opportunities are created in both staking and royalties generating a residual income on intellectual properties.

Blockchain Memorabilia Team

Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor is an inventor, innovator and ringleader of
He first learned of Bitcoin in 2013 when a young man came into his juice bar and asked “Would you like to buy an ATM Machine for Bitcoin”. Drew sold his Juice bars in 2016 and began investing in Cryptocurrencies. Finding little credible information available to learn about Cryptocurrencies, he decided to put his 25 years of Radio and TV experience to use and launched the Wild West Crypto Show on Traditional Radio and TV to educate the masses. He’s since interviewed thousands of Founders of Crypto Projects and is one of the most Credible Media personalities in the space. The move into NFT’s was a natural one as NFT’s became all the rage. Boom, Blockchain Memorabilia was formed.
Cliff Dumas

Cliff Dumas is the only Canadian to win the prestigious CMA and ACM award for Major Market Radio personality of the year in the U.S. He is a multiple CCMA award-winner and Hall Of Fame Broadcast inductee in Canada. Cliff is a Mark Award winner for excellence in television marketing. He has written and produced close to 30 network specials for the CBC, Global, and CTV television networks. He is IAB certified in digital marketing and TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange) certified in running a public company.

David Kraus

David Kraus is the CEO of Flixx TV. With over 11 years experience in building and managing video platforms, David brings a unique perspective to content Streaming, OTT, OTA, Cable and Syndication. Through long-term relationships built throughout the years, David has the ability to identify financial opportunities in video, egaming, blockchain and NFT’s. This unique perspective helps the companies and networks he is involved with stay ahead of the competition while maximizing profitability. 


Barnaby Andersun
Barnaby Andersun has spent years developing blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, he is also CEO of BlockAlchemy, a blockchain, ecommerce and digital design consulting firm. Being involved in all aspects of web technologies since their conception in the early nineties has made Barnaby a true pioneer in web development, ecommerce, branding, online marketing and blockchain. A sought after international speaker, Barnaby has been invited to speak on cryptocurrencies at Harvard and World Economic Forum, Davos, where he co-ordinated a blockchain digital asset conference, as well as Stanford University.
Noble DraKoln
Noble DraKoln has been an avid music royalty investor for decades, he is also CEO of WarePlay Games, Inc. a mobile AR/XR game design and development studio. Having started out as a futures and commodities broker at the age of nineteen trading the E-mini S&P, gold futures contracts, and treasury bond strips, he went to author the Wiley & Sons published best-selling books “Winning the Trading Game” and” Trade Like a Pro”. Along with being a tech investor, financial author, and sought after speaker, Noble has been a contributing writer to Forbes, Futures Magazine, and a radio and T.V. financial commentator on Bloomberg and Fox Business News.